Narratives in Slot Machines

Older forms of online slots tended to be reasonably simple. They followed the same basic format as the slots seen in bricks and mortar casinos. There was very little need for changing this formula, even though online slot software offers designers the ability to innovate.

However, in modern gaming, there is such a vast number of slot titles to choose from, that companies can often struggle to stand out from the crowd. They have to come up with games which are more engaging than ever. One way of achieving this is by focusing on the look and sound of the game. However, if a slot title also has a narrative, then this will give players an enhanced sense of immersion as well.

When a slot game tells a story, then it encourages users to keep playing to find out what happens next. It can often be frustrating when a reel spin results in a loss. There is a danger of players merely refusing to spend any more money when this happens. However, if they want to see how the narrative progresses, then the likelihood of them continuing the game will increase.

A Hypothetical Slot Narrative

Let us perhaps assume that we are creating a slot game with a medieval fantasy theme. This would be a relevant theme, as it would remind players of their favorite TV show, Game of Thrones. The main character could be a knight. The player controls him, and the slot reels could represent his primary goal of getting to the top level of a castle.

The jackpot may be depicted as a princess who requires saving or a dragon which needs to be slain. This would be at the very top of the castle. Every level would represent a new slot mode to complete. Players will need to go through each one to find out what happens to the knight and other characters in the story. It is essential to reward the player regularly with narrative information. Otherwise, their engagement could lessen, resulting in them abandoning the slot game. Animations can be used to represent events in the plot visually.