Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Online casinos are well known for offering many different types of promotions and incentives. A lot of these are geared towards bringing in new players. However, these casinos have learned that they also want to be able to hold on to those who have become members of their site. One of the ways how they do this is by offering loyalty programs.

How They Work

Being as this is a reward scheme, there may be different approaches to the loyalty program which the online casino has set up. Either way, they will be based on rewarding the player for their gameplay.

One Option

One option which is often offered by some of the casinos is that bonus points will be given for every bet that the player places. Then, when these bonuses points are accumulated, they can then be turned in to cash to be utilized for further gameplay. In most cases, the cash earned from the bonus points is not money that can be withdrawn

Option Two

Another option which is often offered is by players reaching different levels. After they have played a specific number of games or made a certain number of withdrawals, then they will work through different levels. Each level will offer more incentives as a player progresses through them. The incentives once again can be extra money to be played with or perhaps only being allowed to enter special events.

Those who play consistently at their favorite online casino find that the loyalty program is quite beneficial to them. For this reason, those individuals who are looking to join a new casino may want to look closely at what the loyalty program is.

VIP Programs

VIP programs are another version of a loyalty program. Players are considered VIPs because of the length of time they play various games and the amount of money they spent. In the majority of cases, the VIP program and loyalty programs stand for the same thing.

These type of incentives are quite crucial for those who enjoy regular online casino gameplay. For newcomers, it is always the welcome bonus, or the reload bonuses which are of the most value to them. By offering players who are well established at a site some sort of incentive, it is a good move on the online casinos part if they want to maintain their customer database.